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Transistor: Bc 140 Data Sheet

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Data sheet for the 7805 (LM7805), a compact IC 5v DC voltage regulator integrated circuit. This page further describes the 7805 and provides Datasheets for the IC device.
Datasheet and PDF Data sheet for the TL494 Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Control Circuit.
Photo: Temperature data logger, multi channel Temperature data logger, multi channel
PC controlled 4 channel temperature meter
Schematic / circuit diagram for a tunable transistor electronic organ. Easy to tune the notes that are generated.
This audio amplifier electronic circuit uses MOSFET transistors to create more than 25 Watts output power. Uses IRF530 and IRF9530 MOSFET transistors.
Photo: Outgoing Phone Number Logger Kit Outgoing Phone Number Logger Kit
Recorder all outgoing dialed numbers on your phone with this electronic kit.
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Variable-voltage DC power supply circuit. The output DC voltage is adjustable from 0.7-24V, with current limiting range from 50mA up to 2 Amps. Main transistor is the 2N3055.