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Circuit Diagrams for Temperature Controllers

Photo: Temperature Meter LCD Temperature Meter LCD
This temperature meter uses a Harris 7106 IC as the heart of a low cost, accurate temperature meter. LCD 3-1/2 digit readout. All of the active circuits are in this one, versatile chip. In addition to temperature functions, the board includes an area for
Photo: Temperature Controller Temperature Controller
This LCD panel meter is a very flexible design that can be customized to your own VOLT meter or AMP meter needs. It may be customized to measure any voltage range, standard or not. Or you can customize it to measure input from a transducer; full details a
Photo: Peltier Junction Thermo Electric Heat Pump Peltier Junction Thermo Electric Heat Pump
Learn how to control temperature with a Peltier Junction with PID temperature controller.
Photo: Stepper Motor Controller Stepper Motor Controller
Preprinted Circuit Board with all the parts to assemble a controller that allows you to change directions, vary the speed, or single step the included stepper motor. Has LED's that flash when motor steps.
Photo: Peltier Junction Module Peltier Junction Module
Learn how to control temperature with a Peltier Junction with PID temperature controller.
Photo: Temperature data logger, multi channel Temperature data logger, multi channel
PC controlled 4 channel temperature meter
PCB plans and circuit diagram (schematic) for what appears to be an extremely nice 100 watt guitar amplifier. Includes preamplifier and power amplifier circuit diagram and PCBs
Photo: AC Motor Speed Controller AC Motor Speed Controller
This kit allows you to control the speed of an AC motor. It can provide high torque at even low speeds.
Photo: Encoded Stepper Motor Controller Encoded Stepper Motor Controller
This kit uses a Grey switch aka bit switch, to single step a unipolar stepper motor in either direction. Uses a
Metal detectors a tons of fun. These metal detector electronic circuits will enable you to go hunting for all kinds of cool stuff, wherever you like!
Photo: Parallel Port Relay Board Parallel Port Relay Board
Use an old PC as a dedicated controller to turn on or off devices lab or radio shack. The circuit includes eight relays controlled with (included) software for either DOS or Windows 3.1. The kit is a boon to the Science Fair project, laboratory experiment
Shows the pins and wiring instructions for creating an RS-232 Null Modem for your PC.
Photo: Liquid Level Controller Liquid Level Controller
This circuit will allow you to control the level of a liquid. It switches a relay once the desired level is met.