Related Electronics Websites

Here are some websites that we think you'll enjoy if you are looking for cool electronic circuits and kits - in no particular order. As a hobby website, we are interested in linking to similar hobby websites that are geared towards electronics. The items here are not paid links - they're just the ones that we will will be of great interest. If you'd like to nominate a site, contact us with your suggestion.

Almost All Digital Electronics - Many very interesting digital electronics.

Electronics USA - Specializing in digital clocks, they also carry a good range of other kits and electronics.

Apogee Kits - Features electronic PCBs and components for sale.

Hobby Projects - A website that links to a lot of electronic circuit diagrams and stuff.

Carls Electronics - Sells plenty of the kits that you see here at ElectroKits.

Ramsey Electronics - A huge resource with electronics to perform many different functions .

HobbyTron - A large retailer of hobby products in electronics, kit cars, robotics, etc.

Kits 'R' Us - A manufacturer of electronic circuits / PCB's etc..

PAiA - Specializes mainly in user assembled amplifiers and synthesizers.

Cana Kit - A Canadian manufacturer of electronic kits (PCB's with components) .

Globalspec - A engineering industry search engine useful for finding electronics and robot information.

Global Test Supply - Lots of electronic testing and metering equipment.

DiscoverCircuits - Large electronic circuit diagram collection, linking to other websites.