Robotic Curriculum k-12

Robotic Curriculum k-12 Here's your chance to reach those hard to motivate students and to get them excited about learning! This Guide will provide information necessary for willing educators to gain working background knowledge in order to successfully and comfortably implement the integration of Robotics Technology into existing curriculum and content. Explore robot fundamentals including the history of robots, types of robots and their practical applications. Become familiar with the basic electronics and mechanical aspects of beginning robotics that will add to your knowledge base and help you to confidently deliver this information to your students. Indulge in the principle of basic programming applications necessary to manipulate specific OWIKITS. Use this as a stepping stone to move to other aspects of robotic technology. Use the sample lesson plans or develop your own to fit the needs of your program. This teacher-training guide may be used for professional developement to:
  • Integrate Robotics into existing curriculums/content areas.
  • Develop new robotics programs in local schools.
  • Offer enhancement to existing science & technology camps.
  • Develop new Robotics Technology summer camps.


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