WAO Kranius

WAO Kranius OWI introduces the fourth generation of WAO programmable robot kits and WOW is it spectacular! WAO Kranius is a two-wheeled robot that you can program without a personal computer. The intellectual brain consists of an 8 bit micro-controller and keyboard with 33 tactile buttons. This bundle of brains can store up to 60 programming steps and 30 FOR-NEXT multiplex loops. In addition to its futuristic and powerful design, it features 6 vision sensors to see in front and below the robot. The 'eyes' that enable it to see in front of itself has two infrared LEDs and an infrared detector IC. 4 floor light sensors (CdS sensor) will enable it to distinguish the contrast of light underneath its shell.

Dr. Robot says this robot is more than just fun. Assembling, building, and following instructions help develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Because it's programmable, one has to plan ahead, think systematically and logically, develop problem-solving skills, and will challenge you to think creatively.

Easy to assemble, this OWIKIT Intermediate building level robot makes a great entrant for robotic competitions, robotic workshops, after-school programs, special events, gifts, science enrichment camps, and classroom activities.

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