Sound Car Robotic Kit

Sound Car Robotic Kit This Robotic Car is a great introduction to soldering as well as the basics of sound control and mechanical motion. The car has a electret mic that feeds noise to the control circuitry. When a loud enough sound (like a clap) is heard it will cause the car to stop moving forward and reverse itself turning slightly left for a few seconds. Then the car will resume forward motion in a different direction. You can adjust the circuit sensitivity so that very soft or very loud noises will reverse the motion.


  • Power: 2 AA batteries (not included).
  • Includes sound activated circuit.
  • Circuit board requires solder assembly.
  • Unassembled printed circuit board Soldering required.
  • Learn motor theory, transistor switching and R/C time constant circuits.
  • Changes direction with a loud sound such as a whistle, a clap or when it hits an object, it will then automatically reverse itself for a preset time and then resume its new course.
  • Requires basic hand tools and soldering equipment.

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