PCI Max 2004 - FM Transmitter (PCI Slot FM Transmitter)

PCI Max 2004 - FM Transmitter (PCI Slot FM Transmitter)

With the PCI-Max, you'll be able to broadcast anything on FM Radio. This PCI card slots directly into your computers PCI slot and will allow you to broadcast your MP3's, CD's & live web steams directly onto the FM band so that all of you're friends in the neighbourhood can listen!

The frequency of the PCI-Max (which is PLL locked onto frequency) can be user defined to any frequency between 87.5 - 108 MHz. The frequency is controlled either by the software which comes with the product, or the on-board switches.

The software for the PCI-Max is extremely easy to install and use, and it works on all versions of Windows. The software allows full control over volume, stereo sound, frequency, and the power on/off.

Fig 1. - This image shows the control software for the PCI-Max.

The PCI-Max comes fully built & tested. It is ready to use right out of the box. The package even includes a small whip antenna for free!

This is a great deal, and we are offering this item at a special introductory low price. Be sure to get this popular unit before we run out of stock!

NOTE: This unit does not meet the standards set forth in the FCC Part 15 Regulations, and as such may be illagal to use in certain countries. Please check with your local authorities to confirm whether or not this unit is legal to use in your area.

Power Output0 - 300mW (0.3 watts)
Power RequirementsNone, it runs off your PC power
SoundStereo sound, digital stereo encoder completely built-in
Stereo SpecsBetter than 50dB. S/N > -60dB
Computer RequirementsWorks with PCI slot under Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, 2000 etc..
Frequency Range88 - 108 MHz in 50kHz steps
Freq. StabilityExcellent, it's PLL controlled (+/- 1kHz)


PDF download PDF Manual / Specs Download (504KB)

PCI Max 2004 - FM Transmitter (PCI Slot FM Transmitter) Reviews:

  • --> This is a most excellent product. I find however that the price, the sound quality limitations and the power output limitations are disappointing. Worth purchasing just to make a schematic since they don't put one in the box. Furthermore, I would like to see it come with an external antenna, schematic, decent manual and free updates. I actually don't own this product, but I can' afford it at such an early stage. I'd like to see more people develop this kind of tech so prices go down. Pop this baby in a micro atx case, put in trunk plugged into invertor and backup car batteries with 2000w automobile audio amp between xmitter output and high db antenna as high as you can drive it in a car that can outrun cops with alternating broadcast times and you have an alternative to that clearchannel nastiness. They own 80 percent of the airwaves in the U.S.!

    Clear Channel Communications, Inc. 1,216 High Power FM Stations in U.S. $3,423,450,000 in relative assets, priceless in croud control, communications and mass marketing.