Low Cost Stereo Encoder / Generator (Kit Version)

Low Cost Stereo Encoder / Generator (Kit Version)

This stereo encoder is the perfect solution for those looking for a great stereo sound at a low cost. This stereo encoder outputs a very clean and nice sound which can match that of a much more expensive stereo encoder.

The circuit itself is very small and can fit in the palm of your hand. Don't under estimate the sound from this unit however. Its separation and clarity is very good and your listeners probably won't notice the difference between your station and the local high budget commercial station.

This stereo encoder uses a Quartz crystal to control the 19kHz pilot tone, so you will never need to re-adjust it. The only adjustment required on this stereo encoder is the audio input levels.

This transmitter will work with any mono / multiplex / composite fm transmitter. It will work with Veronica and Nrg Kits transmitters, and naturally it will work perfectly with our LCD PLL Transmitter Kit & PLL+ Transmitter Kit

NOTE: This is the kit version and it requires assembly. For a fully assembled version, see the Low Cost Stereo Encoder (Assembled Version).

Audio Input Level-10db - +24db for 75 Khz deviation
Input Impedance10k
Pre-emphasis50 / 75 uS
Subcarrier GenerationQuartz Crystal Controlled
Pilot tone GenerationQuartz Crystal Controlled
Pilot Frequency:19kHz +/- 2Hz (0.002kHz)
Output Level0dB
Stereo SeparationBetter than 35dB
Power Requirements12 - 15 volts DC @ 100mA

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