Broadcast Warehouse LCD PLL 1 Watt Exciter (Assembled Version)

Broadcast Warehouse LCD PLL 1 Watt Exciter (Assembled Version)

You're looking at perhaps the most high quality, cost effective PLL exciter kit on earth, and it's even got an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). This kit is very small, which makes it easy to fit into any tight spaces. If you're looking for a good exciter to power an amplifer, or just to broadcast locally - this is the one!

The exciter operates on 12-15 Volts DC (Direct Current) and is completely wide-band. That's right, the frequency is controlled by the LCD panel with up / down buttons and requires no tuning for operation accross the entire FM Band (88 - 108 MHz).

The 16x2 character display shows lock information i.e. if the transmitter is in or out of lock. The operation of this kit is so simple, we're confident that even a 10 year old could do it (with the "Assembled Version" of course!).

As if you didn't already hear enough to make you buy this unit; the transmitter keeps the last used frequency is memory, so if the power gets pulled, or if you can't be physically beside your transmitter, you won't need to worry as it will come right back onto the correct frequency.

Needless to say, you won't find a kit like this one anywhere else - let alone for these prices.

NOTE: This is the "Assembled Version" and therefore no major assembly is required. If you would rather construct this kit yourself, and have soldering experience, please Click HERE For The Kit Version

Power Output1000mW +/- 100mW
Power Requirements12-15Vdc 300mA max
Harmonic Output-60dBc
Spurious Output-80dBc
Frequency Steps100kHz steps
Freq. Stability+/- 300Hz
Out of lock RF powerdown <-50dBc
Audio input leveladjustable
Audio Responseflat 20Hz-70kHz

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