Broadcast Warehouse PLL Plus 1 Watt FM Transmitter (Assembled Version)

Broadcast Warehouse PLL Plus 1 Watt FM Transmitter (Assembled Version)

The PLL+ is a compact FM broadcast exciter with specifications that put many commercial exciters to shame. The modern innovative design allows audio and RF performance never before seen in kit or module exciters.

The 'virtual VFO' dual loop system allows audio flatness to 1 Hz. AFC bounce and modulator overshoot are a thing of the past. You now can pass that low bass without distortion and get that perfect stereo seperation that you have been demanding from your exciter.

Broadband no tune operation allows for ease of use. The only adjustment required is of the direct reading decimal dial switches for frequency selection. RF power is muted during out of lock conditions and the built in harmonic filter keeps your signal clean.

The expansion connector allows for external modules to be connected to the board such as the broadcast warehouse BWPLL+ LCD.

The optional LCD expansion board provides frequency readout and the option of front panel frequency control with it's PCB up / down switches.

NOTE: This is the "Assembled Version" and therefore no major assembly is required. If you would rather construct this kit yourself, and have soldering experience, please Click HERE For The Kit Version

Power Output1000mW +/- 100mW
Distortion0.02% typ.
Power Requirements13.8-15Vdc 300mA max
Harmonic Output-60dBc(tuned)
Spurious Output-85dBc(tuned)
Frequency Steps100kHz steps
Out of Lock RF Powerdown <-50dBc
Freq. Stability+/- 200Hz
Audio Input Leveladjustable
Audio Response1Hz-100kHz

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