300 Watt FM Power Amplifier (1 Watt Input)

300 Watt FM Power Amplifier (1 Watt Input)

An ultra compact FM amplifier employing the latest RF techniques for an ultra-stable high effeciency design. This unit can be supplied with a universal input switched mode power supply. This can be used on any mains voltage system in the world.

On board harmonic filtering provides that needed reassurance that your signal is where it should be. The 1 watt input version is the perfect no tune partner for our 'no-tune' 1 Watt PLL exciters.

Supplied with a cooling fan & heatsink for worry free 24 hour operation.
The power supply is included, along with a fan to keep it cool.

Power output300 Watts
Power input1 Watt
Frequency88 - 108 MHz (WideBand)
Harmonic output-60dBc
Spurious output-80dBc
Input voltage (PA module)48 volt , 7.5 Amps
Input voltage (Power supply)90 - 270 Volts AC
Dimensions, PA185mm x 100mm x 75mm (100mm inc 80mm fan)

300 Watt FM Power Amplifier (1 Watt Input) Reviews:

  • --> MAX PRO I brings new features and ruggedness. Unit offers up to 7 watts of well filtered output power. It features few previously unseen options that have proven to be significantly useful to technicians and hobbyists. For example, built-in test function gives you information about the VCO voltage and few other test points. Frequency and output power can be easily changed via keys and power trimmer. Microprocessor driven menu system helps you tune to maximum power and check the status of the transmitter and PLL. Power will be shut off in case of PLL UNLOCK. Audio and antenna jacks are present on the board for practical connectivity. The unit will run fine 24 hours a day 7 days a week and if you hook it to the audio equipment of the professional radio station, you won't be able to tell the difference. Both, stereo and RDS coders can be hooked to give your station professional sound at competitive price. Click HERE for an affordable stereo encoder.