40 Watt FM Power Amplifier (1 Watt Input)

40 Watt FM Power Amplifier (1 Watt Input)

An ultra compact FM amplifier employing the latest RF techniques and a mosfet power transistor for an ultra-stable high effeciency design.

This unit is supplied with a universal input switched mode power supply. This can be used on any mains voltage system in the world. Output voltage can be adjusted and with it the RF output power of the amplifier.

A built in heatsink assembly provides more than adequate cooling to the unit ensuring 24 hour operation. On board harmonic filtering provides that needed reassurance that your signal is where it should be. The perfect no tune partner for our no tune exciters.

Note: This amp is fully built and tested. It requires no assembly.

Power output40W min
Power input=450mW min 800mW nom. 1200mW max
Power flatness 88-108+/- 1W at 40W out
Harmonic output-60dBc
Spurious output-80dBc
Input voltage (PA module)24 volt nominal
Input voltage (Power supply)90 - 270 Volts AC
Dimensions, PA125mm x 55mm x 90mm

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