Folded Dipole Antenna

Folded Dipole Antenna

Our choice for broadcasts of up to 300 Watts. Weather sealed for long term durability in all climates. DC short for lightning and static protection. Comes supplied with boom arm.

The folded dipole is the perfect antenna for stations that require a truly professional antenna for their broadcasting. No tuning or adjustment is needed for any frequency on the band which makes this antenna the only one to use if you plan to move your transmitters frequency often. Completely hermetically sealed with a full all weather warranty - you can be sure this antenna won't let you down, making it our choice for commercial sites where access is difficult.

For higher power handling you can stack these antennas with the 2 and 4 way phasing harness' to make 2 and 4 bay antenna systems.

Max Power Input300 Watts
Impedance50 Ohms
VSWRBetter than 1:1.5 (88 - 108 MHz)
Frequency Range88 - 108 MHz (No Tune)
ConnectorN-Type Female
Dimension1600mm(height) x 150mm x 35mm

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