Decade MS-100 Hi-Fi FM Transmitter

Decade MS-100 Hi-Fi FM Transmitter

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The MS-100 is a professional quality mono FM transmitter operating in the commercial FM broadcast band (88.1 - 107.5 MHz) and can be used in a wide variety of applications like sound re-enforcement, hearing assistance, information and short range broadcasting. Its outstanding RF and audio performances, solidity, reliability and versatility make the MS-100 stand out from conventional hearing assistance systems.

The MS-100 features our latest technology innovation called DAFP (Direct Access Frequency Programmation). This new digital technology allows the end user to program the frequency without any manual tuning inside the unit. Applications for the MS-100 are endless but here are some popular ones: Fitness centres, multi-lingual conferences, museums, real-estate, hearing impaired...

Frequency Range:88.1 - 107.5 MHz (MegaHertz)
Frequency Settings:In 200kHz steps. Programmed via 10 bit dip switches
Frequency Stability:+/- 0.005% (Crystal Controlled)
Ouput Power:250 µV/m @3m.(FCC Part 15 DOC RSS-210), 1 miliWatt(DOC RSS-123)
Nominal Deviation:+/- 75kHz (100% Modulation)
Signal / Noise Ratio:70dB Min.
Dimensions:6.3" x 9.8" x 1.6"
  • User programmable frequency
  • No manual tuning required
  • Hi-Fi mono audio mode
  • Peak indicator with associated volume
  • Fixed telescopic antenna
  • Continuous duty
  • DAFP technology
  • One year warranty (parts & labour)


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