CTE TX25 Plus - Professional 25 Watt FM Exciter / Transmitter

CTE TX25 Plus - Professional 25 Watt FM Exciter / Transmitter CTE are a globally known manufacturer of broadcasting equipment. CTE have been in the industry for years, and have always been among the favorite choices for broadcast engineers. The new "PLUS" series has made some long awaited changes, such as the digital front panel display which allows both frequency control and power output adjustment at the touch of a button.

The TX25 delivers a stable 25 watts of RF output power. The frequency is generated by means of a crystal locked PLL (Phase Locked) oscillator, ensuring that you can feed it even the loudest possible audio, and it will always be where you want it, locked right onto your frequency. The TX25 comes with built-in output filters which will prevent you from interfering with any 3rd parties. The unit also features advanced SWR monitoring technology which will prevent any nasty damage from operation under high SWR conditions.

This new series of transmitter from CTE is well engineered, and we are delighted to bring these high spec, professional FM transmitters to you at a price that no other electronics company can beat. In some cases these products are available for less than they are direct from the manufacturer. We dare you to try and find lower prices on these professional units.

Frequency Range:88 - 108 MHz (MegaHertz)
Frequency Settings:In 10kHz steps. Programmed via front display or remotely via. RS232
Frequency Generation:PLL (Phase Locked) Synthesizer. Controlled via. microprocessor
Frequency Stability:+/- 300 Hz / 3 months (extremely stable!)
Ouput Power:0 - 25 Watts (User Adjustable)
Nominal Deviation:+/- 75kHz (100% Modulation)
Output Connector:Type "N" Female
Output Impedance:50 Ohms


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