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Photo: Sensor

Photo: Motion Detector Motion Detector
This super sensor detector sounds an alarm if someone approaches the unit. Adds safety to your home or office. Learn the basics of motion detector technology. Uses pyroelectric infrared sensor.
Photo: Photo Sensor with Control Relay Photo Sensor with Control Relay
The most popular use for this kit is to make you own night-light. It can also be used to switch just about any appliance on or off in light or darkness. Light sensitivity is adjustable over quite a range. The relay can handle up to 10 Amps at 110VAC. Oper
Photo: Light Alarm Electronic Kit Light Alarm Electronic Kit
A sensitive photo Darlington transistor is used with a CMOS nand gate. The circuit detects light and triggers a siren. You could add your own triac or relay and switch practically anything. The kit uses the MEL12 Darlington super alpha phototransistor, ty
Photo: Motion Detector Movement Detector Components Motion Detector Movement Detector Components
A bit different from other kits. We supply the three basic components for you to make your own movement detector. Included is a PCB mounted fresnel lens, a PIR movement sensor and the latest movement IC just released. Eight pages of application notes show
Photo: Educational Robit Kit Moon Walker II Educational Robit Kit Moon Walker II
A stronger, Mecha-Medusa is a walking robot that operates with the aid of a sound sensor. Clap hands or snap fingers to command this robot to start walking on four legs. Stops automatically after a preset time. Ideal for the hobbyist or budding scientist.