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Garage: Door Receiver

Aircraft radio receiver circuit that receives aircraft radio signals in the 220-400 MHz band. This kit is small and simple to build, and it's a lot of fun to listen to aircrafts!
Schematic, circuit design and comprehensive details about a SUPRX FM radio receiver, featuring high sensitivity and very low noise and distortion. [PDF]
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This 3-transistor radio receiver circuit is capable of receiving radio signals in the 5-15 MHz Shortwave band, and apparently costs on $10 to build.
Photo: AM/FM Radio Kit and Training Course AM/FM Radio Kit and Training Course
Training course of 56 pages is divided into 9 lessons; Audio Amplifier, AM Detector, AM IF, AM Amplifier, Amplifier, AM Mixer & Oscillator, FM Detector, 1st FM IF, 2nd FM IF, FM RF Stages. Superheterodyne receiver of standard AM (amplitude modulated) and
Photo: FM Stereo Transmitter FM Stereo Transmitter
This is a circuit that will broadcast CD quality sound to you FM Walkman, home stereo or automobile radio. It produces a strong signal that will generally cover the average home and yard. It is stable enough to use even with a digitally tuned FM receivers