Auto Roll 2 Channel RF Remote Control

Auto Roll 2 Channel RF Remote Control

This two channel Auto Roll UHF Remote Control is virtually impossible to 'crack'. Two channels that are selectable as either latching or momentary. Transmitter is FCC Certified. Each relay has led indicators. Receiver can support up to 15 transmitters. This kit makes remote control very affordable for you next project.


  • Range is over 30 yards (120 feet).
  • Transmits on 433.9 MHz
  • Transmitter comes fully assembled and includes battery. Transmitter is FCC Certified.
  • Receiver Power 12 VDC (power supply not included)
    (Need a Power Supply?)
  • Circuit draws 8mA in idle state, 1 relay energized 44mA and 2 relays energized draws 78mA.
  • Relays have a Common, Normally Closed (NC), and Normally Open (NO).
  • Each Individual Relay is jumper selectable latching or momentary.
  • Relay Contact Ratings: 24VDC@15A, 250VAC@12A, 120VAC@15A.
  • Includes transmitter and receiver.
  • Transmitter Dimensions 2-1/4" L x 1-1/2" W x 1/2" D
  • Receiver Board Dimensions 3-3/8" L x 3" W x 5/8" D

NOTE: We provide this item in Assembled form only!

Auto Roll 2 Channel RF Remote Control Reviews:

  • --> The Auto Roll 2 Channel Remote Control I purchased from ElectroKits came with good schematics and assembly notes. All the components were included in the kit and a slow thorough assembly took roughly 1.5 hours. This remote will operate on a single 9V batt. You can lay a heavier solder track so the the relays can handle fairly heavy current loads. I soldered in 10 gauge braided wire rather than lay a solder track, the current capacity of my remote is above 30 amps. You can operate the relays seperately, or you can bridge them in series and have a AND gate type switch, ie. both buttons on the remote must be pushed at the same time to close the circuit at the relays. My remote range: 30-32 yards. I'm very happy with my remote control, it has held up perfectly to quite a bit of use.