Auto Roll 4 Channel RF Remote Control

Auto Roll 4 Channel RF Remote Control

This 4 channel remote control kit uses "Rolling Code" so it is nearly impossible to crack. Features pre assembled and aligned RF modules, pre assembled keychain transmitter that only requires you to solder battery clips and case. Receiver requires component mounting & soldering. Receiver can "learn" up to 16 transmitters. Transmitters can be used with multiple receivers. 4 channel output with SPDT relays rated 12A @ 28VDC. Each output can independently be made latching (Push-on/Push-off) or momentary. Range exceeds 50meters. Transmitter uses 12V cell (included). Ideal for higher security garage doors, auto gates, electric locks etc.


  • Range is over 50 Meters (~150 feet).
  • Transmits on 433.9 MHz
  • Transmitter comes fully assembled and includes battery.
  • Receiver Power 12 VDC (power supply not included).
    (Need a Power Supply?)
  • Circuit draws 8mA in idle state, 1 relay energized 44mA, 2 relays 78mA, 3 relays 111mA, and 4 relays 144mA.
  • Relays have a Common, Normally Closed (NC), and Normally Open (NO).
  • Each Individual Relay is jumper selectable latching or momentary.
  • Relay Contact Ratings: 24VDC@15A, 250VAC@12A, 120VAC@15A.
  • Includes transmitter and receiver.
  • Transmitter Dimensions 2-1/4" L x 1-1/2" W x 1/2" D
  • Receiver Dimensions 3-3/8" L x 3" W x 5/8" D

Auto Roll 4 Channel RF Remote Control Reviews:

  • --> I'm using this device for a car alarm and keyless entry in my car. Put the circuit together in an afternoon. Went together without a problem. Works flawlessly! Recommended for car or home use.

  • --> This was my first soldering kit and I could put it together easily. It works very well and I definitely recommend it. The 150 ft range however is very optimistic and must have been done under ideal conditions. I used it in a yard with some bushes and small obstacles and the range was less than 70 feet.

  • --> Assembly was easy. It was even easier than what I recall of the old Heath Kits. (Now I am dating myself!) The module is small enough to be contained within most small project boxes. The four independent channels offer a variety of operating options. Our application is in marine environment. It is still under development. However, I feel comfortable saying this kit would be a good choice for our final production models.

  • --> I used this device as a general remote control for CubScout events with the selectable latch or momentary outputs I control strobes smoke generators lights and sound with the remote hidden in my hand I can realy give a presentation the boys will never forget have even used a computer to monitor the relays and perform programed activites, holloween will never be the same with Mr Wizard at the controls.

    Works well was easy to assemble but I design and build alot of equipment However this kit was fast and cost effective for the application If you need remote control of anything this will do the job