Multi Mode Timer Circuit

Multi Mode Timer Circuit

No one can call themselves an electronics hobbyist unless they have built a timer. There are several designs using a variety of new and sometimes old circuits. Witness the longest surviving IC of all, the 555, introduced over 20 years ago. Most timers have one characteristic - they only timed one thing; an egg timer, a delayed timer, a timeout timer, a flasher, a photographic timer, etc. As you will see these days are almost over.

Micro-controllers have changed all that. This kit contains Seven different timing modes using only ONE IC and a few components on a single-sided PCB. This is a lot less than many single-mode traditional timers. The timing modes and delay ranges are selected by on-board DIP switches. Simply select the time delay you want and that's it - no adjustment required.


  • L: 3 3/4" x W: 1 7/8" x H: 3/4"
  • Requires external 9-12 volt DC power supply
    (Need a Power Supply?)
  • 7 different modes (dipswitch selectable)
  • Relay Contacts Rating: 240VAC / 12 Amps, 120VAC / 15Amps, 24VDC / 15 Amps.

Multi Mode Timer Circuit Reviews:

  • --> The kit went together without any problems. Operation is straight forward and follows the documentation.

    The screw-down connections require at least a #20 wire to work well.

    Two units have been in operation for months at a Musueum and have performed flawlessly.