Parallel Port Relay Board

Parallel Port Relay Board Do you have an old PC lying around the house which absolutely no one wants? Then you can convert it into a dedicated controller. Communicate with the real world via the parallel printer port on your PC. Simply connect printer cable from your computer to the connector on relay board. There are 8 relays each capable of switching 12VDC/10A or 240VAC/5A. Each relay has an LED to indicate when it is operated. We provide two sets of complete, stand-alone software to control the relays: one works under DOS so you can write your own batch files to control individual relays, the other under Windows 9x/2000/ME/XP. The kit is a boon to the Science Fair project, laboratory experimenter and so on.


  • Requires 12VDC Power Supply.
    (Need a Power Supply?)
  • Relay has Normally Open and Normally Closed Contacts rated for voltages 28VDC @ 10A, 125VAC @ 10A, or 250VAC @ 7Amps.
  • Dos / Windows Software Download below.
  • L: 8-1/2" W: 2-3/4" H: 1"

Parallel Port Relay Board Reviews:

  • --> Great kit -- love the way it works. Not too hard to put together, and works just as advertised.

  • --> Nice product, behaves as expected, I'm using it to automate equipment test procedure. But it is a kit, rather then an assembled product (takes about 20 minutes to assemble).

  • --> This product came shipped with everything extremely well packed. Though initially nervous with how my lack of soldering skills would impact the end result (this would be my second time soldering.. ever) - this item was very easily done, with easy to read pictures on the board itself matching up with the shape of the components. Everything is keyed, so no worries about putting something on the wrong way.

    The product worked exactly as expected, and switched great.

  • --> very easy to assemble & simple to use . work on very old computer too, like pentium100 with dos5.