InfraRed Remote Control Switch - Infared Remote Control

InfraRed Remote Control Switch - Infared Remote Control

This infrared remote controlled circuit will allow you to use any infrared in order to switch it on or off. Now that infrared remote controlled devices are in almost every room of every home (TVs, CD & DVD players, etc..), it makes the remote control a very ubiquitous item, which means that it make sense to extend their functionality.

The circuit uses a relay for switching, which means that it can behave as a switch for almost any item - where your remote control will be your on/off trigger. How cool.


  • L: 2-7/8" W: 1-1/8" H: 1/2"
  • Requires external 8-15 Volts DC Power Supply.
    (Need a Power Supply?)
  • Relay has Normally Open and Normally Closed Contacts rated for voltages 12VDC @ 10A or 240VAC @ 5Amps.

InfraRed Remote Control Switch - Infared Remote Control Reviews:


  • --> Overall, a great kit that works as advertised.

    I used mine to surprise my girlfriend. I set it to turn off the room lights and turn on a mirror ball and spotlight. I put the receiver near my CD player and had a disk cued up (Barry White, of course), so when I pressed play the music and lights started together. It was hilarious, trust me.

    The kit went together very easily and all the parts fit correctly. It was also easy to interface with other equipment. It worked immediately when I turned it on. And the receiver is VERY sensitive, which means you can put it almost anywhere in the room and it will work. I wish my stereo worked that well!

    I did have a few minor issues with the kit:

    First, the on-board relay has pretty low voltage/current ratings. I needed to use an external relay to turn on a 60W house lamp. I'd rather have paid another dollar or two and gotten a real relay on-board.

    Second, using the external relays revealed another problem, which is that the unit is sensitive to power-supply noise. When I attempted to power the external relays from the same 12VDC power supply as the kit, the switch would turn itself on and off uncontrollably. I had to use seperate power supplies to stop this.

    Third, sometimes the kit will "double-trigger" when you press the remote control, meaning that it turns on and then immediately off again. I wasn't able to track this down exactly, but after a while it stopped. This may also have had something to do with the shared power supply.

    But again, overall it's a very easy kit that works as advertised.