FM Stereo Transmitter

FM Stereo Transmitter

This is a circuit that will broadcast CD quality sound to you FM Walkman, home stereo or automobile radio. It produces a strong signal that will generally cover the average home and yard. It is stable enough to use even with a digitally tuned FM receivers. Typical uses include broadcasting your own music to a receiver at pool side or in the garden. Operates on a 9 Volt battery.


  • L: 3-3/4" W: 3-3/4" H: 3/4".
  • Requires 9 Volt Battery, or 9 VDC Power Supply. (Can use 9 Volt Battery Snap or 3.5 mm Power Jack, both included.)
  • Audio Input and Output are RCA type jacks.
  • Broadcast station is user selectable.
  • Any FM receiver can be used to listen to broadcast.

FM Stereo Transmitter Reviews:

  • --> Excellent kit. It worked first time I powered it up.

    A couple of nits to pick. The markings on some of the parts are microscopic. The parts are thoughtfully separated into numbered bags that correspond to the assembly plan--it probably would make sense to separate like parts with different designations into different bags to make it more difficult to mix up. Some of our eyesight isn't what it used to be... Also, I thought there should be more attention paid to mounting the board in a larger presentation box. You are provided with spacers and screws, but trying to figure out which plugs/pots/etc. should be soldered to the board and which should be wired to an external connection took me a bit of head scratching to deduce.

    These are small nits, though. The kit works as advertised, is easy to assemble, and I would recommend it to anyone with a modicum of soldering and kit-building experience. Excellent product.