USB Flash PIC Programmer Circuit/Kit

USB Flash PIC Programmer Circuit/Kit

Programs all Flash PIC uC from USB port. No external power supply needed, as power is supplied from USB port. Board has several surface mount components that are pre-soldered. Only requires a few components to be soldered to board.


  • L: 2-3/4" W: 1-1/2" H: 1-1/2"
  • Powered from USB port
  • Link to download software provided
  • ZIF Socket Not Included

USB Flash PIC Programmer Circuit/Kit Reviews:

  • --> I've only just received the pre-assembled kit and have not had an opportunity to USE it (see below), but here are a few initial observations:

    1) The fit and finish of the circuit board is quite nice. Quality work there.

    2) However, the circuit board does not fit into the bakelite box it came with. The board is about 1/8" too long and about 1/16" too wide to even force-fit into the box.

    3) The documentation, though web based, is out of date and really not that easy to follow.

    4) The USB connection is the real reason I've not yet tested this product. This is because the jack built onto the circuit board is USB-A, IDENTICAL to the one on my computer and to every output port of every USB hub I have. Thus I must find a USB cable with a USB-A plug on BOTH ends, or find a USB gender changer. Not an easy task, either one!