USB Pic Programmer

USB Pic Programmer

Parallel ports are slowly disappearing from PC’s and laptops which means that all our current PIC programmers are all facing gradual extinction. So this is our first PIC programmer using the USB port. It can also accept input from a serial port at the flick of a switch.

  • 12C508 12C509 12C671 12C672 12CE673 12CE674 12F675 15C505 16C554 16C558

  • 16C61 16C62 16C62A 16C62B 16C63 16C61 16C62 16C62A 16C62B 16C63

  • 16C63A 16C64 16C64A 16C65 16C65A 16C65B 16C66 16C66A 16C67 16C711

  • 16C71A 16C710 16C711 16C72 16C72A 16C73 16C73A 16C73B 16C74 16C74A

  • 16C74B 16C83 16C84 16F627 16F628 16F74 16F83 16F84 16F84A 16F870

  • 16F871 16F872 16F873 16F874 16F876 16F877 18F242 18F252 18F442 18F452

  • 18F242 18F258 93LC46B 93C56 93C66 24LC256


  • L: 4" W: 3" H: 5/8"
  • Requires external 18 Volt DC @ 50 mA power supply
    (Need a Power Supply?)
  • Requires USB or Serial Cable
  • Liink to download software provided
  • ZIF Socket not included

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