Variable Power Supply with Transformer

Variable Power Supply with Transformer

This kit includes a 110VAC transformer and wall outlet plug, so you can get your variable power supply directly from the wall.  The DC Output is switch selectable for 3VDC, 9VDC or 12 VDC.  Note:  This kit does not include a chassis case, but it is highly recommended that you use some type of an enclosure due to use of line level voltage.


  • Dimensions: L: 3" W: 2" H: 1-1/2".
  • Output: 3,9,or 12 VDC at 0.2 Amps (switch selectable).
  • Input:  220/110VAC (Line cord included).
  • Includes all parts and components.

Variable Power Supply with Transformer Reviews:

  • --> I need a device that will do the following-

    1. Provide a variable AC 110V to DCV 20-24-30 output at 1/2-1 milliamp (also variable) output

    2. Have a min of 2 outlets

    3. Have meters to see the actual output of DC voltage at all times.

    Basically I am doing experimentation and need to have a constant supply of both 24V and 30V DC at 1/2 to 1 milliamp that I can monitor and be assured that the end product is receiving consistent.

    Would like to buy this already made if possible or in a kit.

    Thanks for you help