Peltier Junction Thermo Electric Heat Pump

Peltier Junction Thermo Electric Heat Pump

Peltier Junctions are thermo-electric heating and cooling devices that feature solid state, reliable temperature control. They have many uses such as cooling laboratory instruments, hot running IC's, or consumer products like food and beverage coolers.

This new cooler / heater assembly includes a 90mm fan, heat-sink, 65 degrees thermal cut-out switch (used when heating), spacer block and a 50W Peltier device that cools to a maximum of 25deg. below the ambient temperature (external air temperature). Just cut a hole in your insulated cooler box and fit an aluminum plate or heat-sink (not supplied) to this assembly to turn your cooler into a fridge for the car or boat. Requires 12VDC. Note: (there are no specific instructions or uses provided with the assembly).


  • Everything you need to start controlling temperature.
  • 50 Watt peltier module.
  • Requires 12VDC power supply (0.5 Amp to 4 Amp)
  • Let your imagination take over.


PDF download PDF Manual / Specs Download (997KB)

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