Servo Motor Driver

Servo Motor Driver

Kit uses pre-programmed Microchip PIC16C71-04/P micro-controller to drive up to 4 model/hobby servo motors simultaneously. 4 inputs in the range of 0-5VDC move the corresponding motor over their displacement range. Requires 5V DC @ 1A. Servo motors Not supplied.


  • L: 2-7/8" W: 2" H: 7/8".
  • Requires 5 Volt DC power supply.
  • Uses a PIC 16C71.
  • Controls up to 4 Servos
  • All parts and components included.

Servo Motor Driver Reviews:

  • --> the product is very sensitive to noise. you must be using either a battery or a regulated 5V source.. i had a noisy source and it caused all kinds of problems. other than that it works just fine.