Soldering, Learn how to Solder Kit

Soldering, Learn how to Solder Kit Why not introduce someone to the Exciting world of Electronics. This is a great introduction to a hobby that could lead to a career in the High Tech Industry. The kit includes a 30W soldering iron, diagonal cutters, solder, solder iron stand, printed circuit board, all components needed to build a flashing siren, and complete lesson plan. Complete with speaker and light emitting diodes. Finished circuit has an adjustable European Siren and flashing diodes.

Great for Schools, Clubs, Boy Scouts, Summer Programs etc. Fun for ages 10 through Adult.


  • Includes all the tools needed to learn soldering.
  • Includes a Printed Circuit Board and all components to build a working electronic siren.
  • Includes a complete 10 page lesson plan and instruction booklet for easy integration into any electronics program.
  • Requires 9 volt battery.
  • Recommended for ages 10 and up (adult supervision required).

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