Water Detector Alarm Kit (Water Sensor)

Water Detector Alarm Kit (Water Sensor)

Use this simple circuit to let you know when the basement is flooding or the washer machine has a hiccup. Piercing alarm sounds when water is detected. Water sensor can be placed at a distance by cutting the board and using wires to connect the sensor.


  • Board: L: 2.8" W: 1.8" H: 1"
  • Requires 9 Volt Battery (not included).

Water Detector Alarm Kit (Water Sensor) Reviews:

  • --> Kit was straight forward and well designed. Instructions were very good. Kit appears to work well, only negative is that the alarm seems a bit less than stable, but shoud be adequate.

    Two concerns not addressed in the instructions or write up - How long will the alarm sound on the 9v battery. How long will the battery last / will there be any type of chirp or warning when the battery gets low.