Photo Sensor with Control Relay

Photo Sensor with Control Relay

The most popular use for this kit is to make you own night-light. It can also be used to switch just about any appliance on or off in light or darkness. Light sensitivity is adjustable over quite a range. The relay can handle up to 10 Amps at 110VAC. Operates on a 9 volt battery.


  • L: 3-1/16" W: 1-7/8" H: 3/4"
  • Requires 9 volt battery
  • Relay rated for 110VAC/10Amps
  • Light Sensitivity Adjustable

Photo Sensor with Control Relay Reviews:

  • --> All the parts were there, but two of the parts were not clearly labeled as to the direction to install them. I guessed, it didn't work. I tried to reverse the parts. It still didn't work. I've built lots of kits, back to building heathkits back many many years ago, so I've not a novice. There just wasn't enough information available to do it right, or perhaps installing one of the parts backwards ruined it.

  • --> The over all kit was good, it needs minor corrections on instructions. It is a good kit for people who want to solder an easy circuit board and are capable of following instructions.