Light Alarm Electronic Kit

Light Alarm Electronic Kit

A sensitive photo Darlington transistor is used with a CMOS nand gate. The circuit detects light and triggers a siren. You could add your own triac or relay and switch practically anything. The kit uses the MEL12 Darlington super alpha phototransistor, typically about ten times more sensitive than a normal phototransistor. The circuit usage includes burglar alarms, medicine cabinet alarm, automobile trunk alarm etc.


  • L: 1-7/8" W: 7/8" H: 3/4"
  • Requires 9 volt battery
  • Sensitivity is adjustable

Light Alarm Electronic Kit Reviews:

  • --> So Many Parts & Work to Build. Is it Really all that or Much Better??? Is it Really a Winner? Bought 3 on net. Still haven't had time to build. I'm 64 Now not a Young, Sharp, Fast Solderer. Will let u Know More Down the Road...I'm using simple 5-7 part Phototransistor & Cad Photocell Circuits with fair Results. Jack Check us out at,