Game Show / Quiz Buzzer Circuit

Game Show / Quiz Buzzer Circuit

Every wonder how they figure out who pushed the answer button first? This circuit will allow up to four players to compete, or you can daisy chain them together for up to 8 players. Led lights for whoever pushed the button first. Easily extend the push buttons from the circuit board with wires and your own momentary switches.  This is a great educational tool, or base circuit to build your own game show booth. Circuit must be reset via the quiz master push button to start over again.


  • Power supply: 9 Volt Battery (not incl.)
  • Dimensions: 4.3" x 3.1" x 1.1"

Game Show / Quiz Buzzer Circuit Reviews:

  • --> The instructions were easy to follow and everything was labled correctly. This is exactly what I was looking for and it worked perfectly. I tried for two weeks to get someone from radioshack to design and build me one, but, no one ever got back to me. You answered my prayers and if I ever need any other electronics you will always hear from me.

    Wil Golden

  • --> I worked great. The instructions were a little sketchy for someone not used to working with electronic components that small.

  • --> The kit was fairly easy to put together, and my seventh graders had a grand time the first time we used it. Only two glitches:

    1) I can't get one circuit (I'm using two kits for eight players) to light. I've checked and rechecked connections and worked backwards. The diodes and transistors are fine.

    2) Perhaps it's related to one: on two occasions, two lights lit. I don't know how that's possible.

  • --> This is exactly what I was looking for! I play Jeopary as part of my final exam review and had used buzzers in the past. This "breaks" any ties that occur! It was the perfect solution and reasonably proced! I made changes to the board so that I can use external switche and larger LED's, and it was very simple to modify! Great instructions & easy to assemble.