FM Transmitter kit with microphone (Wireless Mic)

FM Transmitter kit with microphone (Wireless Mic) This is an FM transmitter electronic kit with a built in microphone. The FM transmitter can broadcast your voice over a range of approximately 100ft. This kit is a great way to learn about fm transmitters, oscillators, microphones and how radio works in general. It includes a complete enclosure for the microphone and some educational instructions. A standard fm radio (88-108MHz) receiver will pick up the signal from this unit, so you do not need a special receiver the broadcast.

FM Transmitter kit with microphone (Wireless Mic) Reviews:

  • --> This is an excellent FM microphone transmitter. Instructions were really easy to follow for novice like me. I have assembled 4 of those kits so far and they all work perfectly. The sensitivity, however, was a bit too high, catching all the surrounding sounds, causing some feedbacks, and even covering the speaker's voice. But with a simple modification of resistor R3 (changed from 4.7k ohms to 470k ohms), it works great. You can adjust the resistor value to suit your purpose. I use the microphone in meetings to provide a translation service where those that require it bring their FM "walkman" radio.

    Enjoy it, I do!