Our Amplifiers category contains circuits that are intended to be used as amplification devices. For example, if you have a very small audio signal and wish to make it louder, you need an amplifer! You can find amps for both AF (Audio Frequencies) and very low power RF (Radio Frequencies).
18 Watt Mono Audio Amplifier. Possible to use two for Stereo sound.
2 watts of power across to channels is what this kit delivers. Great quality.
Stereo 3 Watt Amplifier kit that powers two 4 or 8 Ohm speakers.
A stereo smplifier kit which outputs up to 4 watts per channel, giving a total of 10 watts.
A Mono audio amplifier which produces a very good 7 watts output power.
Variable gain audio amplifier capable of powering a small speaker for personal use
An extremely good stereo tube amplifier which produces 90Wrms per channel.
High quality 25 watt audio amplifier. Combining 2 would give a 50 watt stereo amplifier.
1 Watt Audio Amplifier. 8 Ohms impedance. 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Small, few components.
2 channel (Stereo) Audio Amplifier with 1 watt per channel.
The circuit is a gem; a TDA 1554 Integrated Circuit is used to produce an amplifier that will output up to 22 watts per channel with distortion typically not in excess of 0.1% thd....
This kit uses the TDA2009 class AB audio amplifier IC for high quality stereo applications.
Amplify tiny audio signals fifty times with this electronic kit, and deliver them to a power amplifier cleanly and undistorted. AGC (automatic gain control) eliminates distortion. ...
This stereo pre-amplifier will allow you to get extra control over your audio.