Terms of Service

Before using this website, please review this document in it's entirety. Usage of this website infers your acceptance of these terms of service. If you do not agree, please exit this website immediately.

Potentially Hazardous Electronic Items; Absolutely No Warranty:
Very simple... Since the items on this website operate with electricity, there is a great deal of risk to health, with the possibility of death. Anyone choosing to assemble or construct any of the electronic kits listed on this website does entirely at their own risk, and there is absolutely no warranty or guarantee, either expressed or implied, that any of the items will operate as stated, since electronic components are very volatile and may exhibit unpredictable behavior.

We Just Link To Items:
None of the items that you will find on this website were created specifically for this website - we just link to items that are elsewhere on the Internet. Please contact the appropriate authors with issues pertaining to specific items.

Cookies & Tracking :
Some cookies are required for some of the features on this website, eg. submitting comments. No personally identifying information is stored in these cookies. The cookies are simply provided as a convenience to our users. We also use a Web analytics package, which helps us to identify areas where the site can be improved. The analytics package may use a cookie to help increase accuracy, but again, no personally identifying information is recorded.

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