Privacy Policy

As you know, most privacy polices are extremely long and boring. We thought we'd do something a little more enjoyable to read, but which contains all of the facts about what information we collect and how we are protecting your private details.

What information we collect:
By visiting our homepage and browsing through our website (but not using the shopping cart or entering other information), no information about you or your computer is collected other than the following: IP address, files requested, time and date of visits. This information is typically collected on all websites in the "server logs". We make no use of this information other than monitoring website traffic to our website.

Should you choose to join our mailing list, the following details will be collected:
Email Address, IP Address, time and date of submission. We collect the IP address and time and date of submission so that we can track where submissions come from, and fight against fraudulent submissions. This is done for your protection and ours. This information also serves as proof of submission of a given email address should the subscriber for his/her subscription and claim that we are unsolicited emailing them in the future. In very rare cases, if we are accused of unsolicited emailing to an email address that has been submitted, we may provide the IP address and time and date of submission to our hosting provider, whom will require proof. Once again, this is done for your protection and ours.

The only time a cookie will be stored on your machine is when you visit the shopping cart, or add items to your shopping cart. This cookie contains a random data string and will be used as an identifier for future visits. No other information is stored in cookies, just your the random data string which is unreadable to humans. These cookies can only be set and read by our servers, so no other website will see information stored in cookies. The fundamental application of the cookie is so that we can track which products have been added to your shopping cart.

Information collected when ordering:
When you submit an order by going through the checkout process in our shopping cart, we are obviously required to collect certain information so that we can charge your credit card and ship the product to you. The following details are required when making an order on (all are collected through a secure server): IP address (to fight against fraudulent orders), first name, last name, billing address (for security purposes, we only ship to the cards billing address), credit card details (so that we can receive payment), email address (to communicate with you if a problem arises with your order).

Secure transmission of your details:
We use industry standard 128-bit SSL servers to place orders. These servers provide a very high level of encryption so that details transmitted when submitting an order cannot be read by any third party (such as a hacker).

Secure storage of your details:
Generally speaking, we delete credit card details once an order have been successfully processed. If, however, we have reason to keep any details on file, all details are stored in encrypted format on our servers, making them unreadable to any third party. We have ensured that no decryption tools or encryption information has been stored on the server, so breaking the decryption algorithm would be almost impossible for third parties. In order to ensure optimum security and performance, ElectroKits has engaged Darrin Ward for Professional SEO Services, whom also consults on e-Business and security.

Your email address:
From time to time, we like to send clients product release information or special discount offers. We may use you email address for these purposes, but we do provide a means of unsubscribing. We call the unsubscription method our "blacklist". Email addresses on our blacklist will never receive an email from us (other than when ordering a product or requesting information from us). Details about the blacklist, and how to get on it are provided in each mailing list.

Order Fulfillment:
We operate within a network of companies in order to be more efficient. From time to time when we do not have items directly in stock, we pass orders to a partner company which is better able to fill your order. When we do this, we must share your billing information with those partner companies in able for them to be able bill your card and shit your order. Each of our partner companies adheres to strict privacy and none of these companies will give away or sell your information. You trust us, which is an honor, and we keep your information completely safe. By ordering through ElectroKits, you relalize that all information may be shared in order to complete your order

Our "Hosting Provider":
ElectroKits is proud to have selected A+Hosting to fulfill our hosting requirements. A+hosting may have additional privacy statements, which are not directly part of ElectroKits, LLC, which may state the collection of additional information. Such information (if any) is normally collected to maintain the network infrastructure & uptime of our server.

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