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Radio Transmitter Circuits

An easy-to-build FM Transmitter, with Hi-Fi stereo FM sound, using only a single chip (BA1404) and just 1.5-3 Volts DC power supply.
A very interesting AM Transmitter with DSB (Double Side Bands), published in Electronics For You in Dec 2000.
This is a hand drawn circuit diagram for an "early Dutch Radio JukeBox". It's a PLL FM transmitter that broadcasts on 104MHz, with stereo sound.
This 1 Watt Crystal-Controlled FM PLL Transmitter was designed by Veronica Kits in the UK. It features very stable frequency output (Phase Locked Loop) with approximately 1 Watt power.
This is a pretty simple radio transmitter circuit that uses 4 transmitters and broadcasts on the FM band at approximately 100 MHz. The output power is approximately 500mW (0.5 Watts).
Now, this almost brings me back to a time when I was learning about RF circuits and radio transmitters. A very basic FM transmitter that uses a very few components and only 1 transistor.
A neat little FM transmitter with PLL (Phase Locked Loop) control. Includes schematics, component lists and Printed-Circuit-Board (PCB) designs.
Harry Lythall has designed an FM Transmitter circuit that operates between 88 and 108 MHz - the commercial FM broadcasting band.