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5 Useful Telephone System Circuits

Topics: Telephone

Featuring two different types of telephone ring generators, two line "in-use" indicator circuits, and an audio interface circuit.

Screenshot: 5 Useful Telephone System Circuits

This page features the circuit diagrams and information for the following circuits:

Telephone Ring Generator Using Switching Supply
This circuit will ring at telephone at defined intervals - as set by the timing components of the circuit
Telephone Ring Generator Using Small Power Transformer
This circuit will also ring at telephone at defined intervals
Telephone In-Use Indicator
Circuit checks the telephone line to determine whether or not it is in use. Lights an LED (Light Emitting Diode).
Telephone In-Use Relay Controller
Same as previous, however it uses a relay so that you can do more than just light an LED.
Telephone Audio Interface
Allows for the extraction of audio from a telephone line
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