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Portable Cell-Phone Battery Charger

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Charge your cell phone battery while in transport with this battery charging electronic circuit.

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Cell phone battery chargers almost always require you to plug into the AC mains. This one will allow you to charge your mobile phone while in transport, using 8 x 1.5 V DC AA batteries, allowing you to be truly mobile.

The ubiquitous 555 timer IC is used to monitor and charge the voltage level in the cell phone battery. Once the voltage in the cell phone battery reaches a predetermined level (controlled by the Zener diode). Make sure to read the instructions and voltage levels in their entirety to ensure that this circuit is compatible with your cell phone's battery. Some cell phone batteries have different voltage levels, and this charger may not work.

This circuit is capable of charging cell phone batteries with a current of about 180-200 mA (milli-Amperes), in the 3.6-6 V range. The circuit was tested with a Motorola rated at 3.6V, 320 mAH. In place of 5.6V zener, a 3.3V zener diode was used.

The cell phone battery charger has an LED which shows the status of the circuit. When no phone battery is connected, the LED will be on. When the phone battery is charging, the LED will flash. When the battery is fully charged, the LED will turn off.

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