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Sound Electronic Circuits

Never miss your doorbell again with this light/lamp doorbell alert circuit.
Custom doorbells are extremely popular. This is the schematic for a small doorbell electronic circuit that produces a simple "ding dong" doorbell sound.
Normal dog and insect whistles operate in the 30-50 kHz range, which is often too high. This alternative whistle circuit operates at 11-22 kHz range.
Schematic for a Small electronic circuit that sounds an alarm when low frequency vibrations are detected in the ground.
A simple electronic circuit that you can use to play tunes.. because it's a transistor-based electronic organ
This is a train sound effect electronic circuit that emits a hi-low dual train effect sound. Click the link at the bottom to hear the circuit in operation prior to building!
Everybody wants a light clapper, or a way to clap on or clap off something, without having to physically get get up and flick a switch. Enter the Clap Switch!
One circuit (a siren electronic kit) produces sound effects similar to that of a police siren, fire siren, ambulance siren or other emergency siren. The second sound circuit produces a light notification-type chime sound effect.