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Security: Bike Alarms & Bike Security

Bike security and alarms

Our visitors have used these electronic circuits to build bike alarms and security for their bikes...

Photo: Home Car Alarm Security System Electronic Kit Home Car Alarm Security System Electronic Kit
This circuit is an alarm for the home, car and a lot more. It employs a magnet and reed switch to trigger the circuit. An intergral piezo sounder produces the alarm sound (100dB). There is also a relay capable fo handling up to 10 amps that will switch wh
Photo: Siren Alarm Horn Electronic Kits 9 volt Siren Alarm Horn Electronic Kits 9 volt
Easy to build sound effect generator kits, inludes several different sounds and tunes.
Photo: Light Alarm Electronic Kit Light Alarm Electronic Kit
A sensitive photo Darlington transistor is used with a CMOS nand gate. The circuit detects light and triggers a siren. You could add your own triac or relay and switch practically anything. The kit uses the MEL12 Darlington super alpha phototransistor, ty
Photo: Motion Detector Motion Detector
This super sensor detector sounds an alarm if someone approaches the unit. Adds safety to your home or office. Learn the basics of motion detector technology. Uses pyroelectric infrared sensor.
Photo: Alarm Module Alarm Module
The loudest peizo alarm you will find (108 to 11dB output @ 1 meter). The kit includes a resonant cavity mounting case which is molded plastic, 2" x 3-1/4" x 1-1/4", plus mounting ears. If you want to totally startle a burglar, this is the
An electronic circuit that uses a regular 2-inch speaker to detect for low frequency vibrations in the ground (such as those cause by a deer or human walking), and sounds an alarm.
Photo: Water Detector Alarm Kit (Water Sensor) Water Detector Alarm Kit (Water Sensor)
Sometimes you need to detect water, right? Well this kit will allow you to do just that.