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Motorcycle Alarm / Anti-Theft Alarms - Built It Yourself!

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Keep your motorcycle safe with this easy to build and cheap electronic anti-theft motorcycle alarm

Screenshot: Motorcycle Alarm / Anti-Theft Alarms - Built It Yourself!

This is a pretty cool motorcycle alarm that uses just a few components to protect your bike. It operates through detecting motion in your bike, or more specifically, when it's lifted off it's stand into the upright position i.e. ready to go revving off! Movement in the bike is accomplished through use of a mercury switch.

The circuit can be be powered directly from the motorcycle's battery source, since it draws a very low current while in stand-by mode. In fact, this good low current-drain design makes it ideal for use in a lot of different of different scenarios.

The motorcycle alarm circuit uses under 20 electronic components. Three of those are transistors (2 x BC547 [NPN] and 1 x BC557 [PNP]), one is the alarm-switching relay, and two are the control / alarm trigger switched (of which one is the mercury switch).

Not only is this motorcycle alarm a very good idea, but there is ample information about the circuit provided. Even a newbie electronics nerd could build this. There's even a design for the PCB (Print Circuit Board) of the motorcycle alarm and instruction on how to wire it to your motorcycle battery.

As always - let us know if you build this alarm.

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