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Alarm Keypad - Digital Lock Security Device

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Lock and open stuff with a keypad code instead of a conventional lock. Be cool - build a keypad lock!

Screenshot: Alarm Keypad - Digital Lock Security Device

Ever wanted to walk into the future and open your house door by entering a code on a keypad ratehr then whipping out your keys to open the door. Well, now you can. Well - technically ou can, but it might not be the best - or most secure - idea ever!

This digital keypad circuit effectively operates as a digital lock. Once the correct code (sequence of keys) is entered onto the keypad, the circuit activates an electronic relay, which can be used to do almost whatever you want! Technically, you could have the relay attached to a solenoid, which could then be used to move a bolt or latch. That would give you your locking door, operated by a keypad lock! Locking the keypad is a simple as pressing a button

The circuit operates using logic circuits. Please read the accompanying instructions for details on how to wire-up the keypad and how the circuit operates. he Keypad must be the kind with a common terminal and a separate connection for each key. On a 12-key pad, look for 13 terminals. The matrix type with 7 terminals will NOT do.

All-in-all, I think this is pretty awesome, though I can't say that I'd be locking the front door to my house using a technology such as this - but I would be showing it off.

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