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Visual Light Doorbell Alert

Never miss your doorbell again with this light/lamp doorbell alert circuit.

Screenshot: Visual Light Doorbell Alert

Now, this doorbell circuit doesn't actually emit a sound, so it is kind of confusing that it's in this category - but it's close enough.

This electronic circuit wire up to your doorbell and flashes a light when the doorbell is rung. This makes it easy to hear (well, see) when your doorbell is being pressed when your watching TV, listening to loud music, etc..

The flashing light doorbell circuit is wired in series with your solenoid-type doorbell, so it will draw very little current. Once the voltage drop across R1 is more than 0.7 volts or so, the transistor is turn on, which in turn lights up the light. The light will turn on when the doorbell button is depressed, or when the doorbell is making a sound.

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