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Active AM Radio Antenna Amplifier / Preamplifier

This active AM radio antenna also has a preamplifier circuit. This means that it amplifies AM radio signals before they reach your receiver, making the AM radio signals stronger.

Screenshot: Active AM Radio Antenna Amplifier / Preamplifier

Designed to work with a telescopic whip antenna, the amplifier circuit operates in the typical AM / MediumWave band of 550 - 1650 kHz (kilohertz), with a power requirement of 12 Volts DC. The circuit also has a gain control feature, so weather signals can be amplifier more, if need be. This amplification adjustment is provided via, RV1

The antenna amplifier circuit has a component count of about 40, using the following active components: 2 NPN transistors (BC548's), 1 MOSFET (BF981), 2 Varicap diodes (KV1235), and a 6v2 zener-diode. There is also a 330uH (micro Henry) inductor / coil, which can be modified for operation on other frequency bands.

The amplifier circuit's output impedance is 50 Ohms, which is the standard for the majority of radio receivers, so it should work well with your AM receiver.

Operational instructions are included. Please let us know how this works if you decide to build it!

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