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40 Watts Wideband 88-108 MHz FM Amplifier

This is a circuit diagram for a very cool 40 Watt wideband 88-108 MHz FM amplifier. Requires only half a watt input drive power.

It's a fantastic design for an FM amplifier, and it features 40 Watts RF output into a 50 Ohm load on the 88-108 MHZ FM frequency band. Efficiently provides a gain of 20dB (Decibels) with 28 Volts DC power supply. It's has a pretty low component count, and it also have a 7-pole Chebyshev low pass harmonic filter (LPF), which greatly reduces harmonics and spurious emissions.

The RF power transistor used is the MRF171A by Motorola or M/A Com. The constructor used a Broadcast Warehouse LCD PLL Transmitter with a 3dB pad (an attenuator, which at 3dB cuts the power level in half.)

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kannan says: (February 13 2008, 6:35am)


sarrks007 says: (February 23 2008, 2:19pm)


THOM says: (February 23 2008, 7:41pm)

i need the schematical for transmitter 40watts 88-108MHZ

stamwa says: (April 2 2008, 6:10am)


ismailee85 says: (April 6 2008, 10:23am)

It,s very good

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