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Metal Detector Circuit Diagrams

We've found a few metal detector circuit diagrams that we think are really cool. Happy metal detecting and treasure hunting.

Screenshot: Metal Detector Circuit Diagrams

Gary's Pulse Induction Metal Detector
Lots of information about this metal detector. Features a full circuit diagram, a PCB (Printed Circuit Board), photo's of the metal detector kit assembled by people using the design, design problems and workarounds, metal detector coil winding information, etc.

Super-Heterodyning Metal Detector Circuit
Based on the principle of "Superheterodyning" (used in Superhet receivers), the frequencies of 2 RF oscillators are fixed at 5.5 MHz. Circuit operation and metal detecting information is included on the page. No PCB is given, though it should be an interesting challenge to build it regardless.

Metal Detector Links
A collection of links to other metal detect circuit diagrams..

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chienboon says: (February 20 2008, 3:55pm)

i like hobby kits

ElectroKits says: (February 20 2008, 4:01pm)

Me too - Hopefully we all like hobby electronic kits!

farhad says: (February 23 2008, 12:22pm)

i have metal detector circuit diagrams.

rabin3905 says: (February 25 2008, 3:51pm)

This is the very useful circuits.

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