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Miscellaneous: Lie Detector & Other Detector Circuits

Lie detectors and other types of electronic detector circuits...

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This is an extremely simple lie detector electronic circuit that can help tell if somebody is lying to you (oh how we hate liars!).
Metal detectors a tons of fun. These metal detector electronic circuits will enable you to go hunting for all kinds of cool stuff, wherever you like!
Photo: Motion Detector Movement Detector Components Motion Detector Movement Detector Components
A bit different from other kits. We supply the three basic components for you to make your own movement detector. Included is a PCB mounted fresnel lens, a PIR movement sensor and the latest movement IC just released. Eight pages of application notes show
Photo: Motion Detector Motion Detector
This super sensor detector sounds an alarm if someone approaches the unit. Adds safety to your home or office. Learn the basics of motion detector technology. Uses pyroelectric infrared sensor.
A simple circuit that flashes an LED when a cell phone has an incoming call. Uses a coil to pick-up the signal emitted during an incoming call event. Cell phone call detector.
Photo: Motion Detector Ultrasonic Movement Detector Motion Detector Ultrasonic Movement Detector
The circuit uses a matched pair of 40 Khz transducer elements to detect movement up to 22 feet away. You may add a relay (not included) to switch higher voltage loads. The unit switches a LED for movement indication. Sensitivity is setable via control. Cr
Photo: Infra Red Motion Movement Detector Infra Red Motion Movement Detector
This is an excellent security device, sees infra red heat of intruder in field of view. This is a recent design for a PIR detector; should not be underestimated. Rather than the usual opamps-amps and amplifiers, this kit uses a movement IC. Has PC board m