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Lamborghini Murcielago and Lamborghini Diablo Videos

We get a fair amount of Lamborghini related hits from search engines. These are related to what we call "legacy content".

Our "about us" page used to feature links to a Lamborghini murcielago video and a Lambo Diablo video. It's hard to explain now, but in short, we LOVE Lamborghini's - though never been able to drive one - so we just linked to the videos instead. Well, those lamborghini videos got removed, but we still get hits related to them. So - in a quick attempt to satisfy the masses (and our own compelling urge to look at Lamborghini's)... Here's the Lamborghini videos again...

Lamborghini Murcielago Goes from 0-60 on Race Track (Lots of Smoke) (MPEG ~2.3 Megs)
Illustrating the awesome power of the Lamborghini Murcielago, this car makes the most beautiful of sounds as it goes from 0 to, well, whatever speed it gets up to before it has to turn that corner. Oh how I wish that was me!

Lamborghini Diablo Does a Corner Slide (MPEG ~1.2 Megs)
This driver does an awesome cornerslide - though I do want to know if it ended up in the grass on not at the end!!!
Hope you enjoy those - please share your comments below!!!!  
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Torque says: (January 4 2008, 4:52am)

ya.. seen these videos before somewhere else and thems are some of my favorites. also look at the murcielgo going 219mph on public roads!

faaadi says: (March 15 2008, 7:31pm)

i like exotic cars

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